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About us

HM Courts & Tribunals Service is an agency of the Ministry of Justice and we provide the supporting Administration for the judiciary across England and Wales. We deliver services to the public directly in court and tribunal buildings, remotely via business centres and through online services on GOV.UK.

Our reform programme is a once in a generation opportunity for us to transform our entire business, enhancing the provision of a world-class justice system, in a manner that provides an improved user experience at reduced cost to the taxpayer. We are looking for talented people will contribute to consolidating the UK's position at the forefront of an increasingly competitive international legal market as well as ensuring access to justice for all.

Who we're looking for…

We're looking for talented, enthusiastic and passionate individuals who are excited by the challenge that our reform programmes will offer – a unique chance to be at the forefront of leading and implementing significant change projects across our organisation.

Our programme is ambitious and innovative and will need a flexible workforce to deliver it. Those leading the change will experience new and exciting opportunities and will benefit from playing a part in several different initiatives throughout the Programme. We’re looking for individuals that can display a commitment to 3 main principles: continuous change, managing uncertainty and designing services around user needs.

We are only looking for people who can wholeheartedly commit to these principle and evidence this in their application.

Current vacancies

Meet some of the team

Working at HMCTS will give you the chance to get involved with projects that will change the way users interact with justice services.

We’ve set up this page to give you a brief insight into what it’s like to work for us.

Maureen Hewlett - Deputy Director of Commissioning, Assurance, Resourcing and People Engagement

I’ve worked at HMCTS for two months as the Deputy Director of Commissioning, Assurance, Resourcing and People Engagement, having previously worked as part of the Digital Team at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). I was familiar with the HMCTS reform programme, but didn’t understand just how ground breaking and far-reaching the changes will be.

Britain has a reputation for operating a just and fair justice system, and there’s no other country in the world where they’re looking to make such fundamental changes to the justice system while maintaining that strong reputation - I’m amazed that ordinary people can make such important changes to a public system.

After 20 years of experience, I still really enjoy the buzz of working on a large programme of work that will impact people across the country. I’ve been impressed with the people and working environment here at HMCTS – everyone has been incredibly welcoming and taken the time to help integrate me into the team. People are keen to discuss new ways of working, and innovation really is happening daily. It really is a fantastic place to work, especially for anyone wanting to start the year with a change of career path. I’d highly recommend HMCTS - come and join us.

Ella Duggan - Head of Finance Change

I joined HMCTS in 2017 as a Senior Finance Business Partner for the Reform programme, and have been here nearly 12 months. My role is focused on providing finance support to the Property Directorate in delivering their strategy for the HMCTS estate, which has many elements including estate rationalisation, consideration of how HMCTS buildings need to change to facilitate a post-Reform world, and Court of the Future design. After 15 years in local government, I was attracted to the role due to the magnitude of the change involved and how ambitious delivery of the Reform agenda seems.

I love the pace of the role (no two days are the same), the complex set of stakeholders (internal and external), and the commitment of those I work with to deliver the programme. So much has already been achieved, and there is so much more to do. Development opportunities are plentiful, and the national nature of the programme gives the opportunity to meet colleagues in wide-ranging roles from across the country.

Chris John – Project Support Officer

I’ve worked for HMCTS for 9 years and have been working on HMCTS change for 8 months. I’m a Project Support Officer on the Virtual Hearings Project, which will allow all court users taking part in a hearing to join from locations outside of the traditional courtroom.

My job involves supporting the team to help deliver the product, including user research work where we interview court users to gain insight about their experiences. I support the technical team, testing new equipment or our prototype functionality. I’m based in London but no 2 days are the same and I frequently travel to other courts and to other cities as part of the role.

The part of my job I enjoy the most is talking to our court users and learning from them because I can see how our product has evolved based on their feedback. Thumps up for Agile working. I also enjoy the team spirit, and working with a large group of people who actually care, and who are passionate about the new services we are building as part of reform.

Imran Mangera – User Experience Team Support

I’ve worked for HMCTS for 12 and a half years and my current role at HMCTS is User Experience Team Support - I lead the project management of the User Experience Team, its objectives and support the business management of the team. The User Experience Team is a dynamic and cross cutting team which provides the approach, tools and support to the programmes within the change portfolio to ensure it maintains the fundamental design principle of being user and customer led in the delivery of transformed HMCTS services. Team members I work with have a variety of specialisms and skills covering different dimensions of design and service development for example Customer Experience Designers, User Researchers, Service Designers, Business Analysts, Accessibility & Inclusion Specialists, Channel Shift Specialists and Data Analysts.

What I enjoy the most about my job is that every day is a different day - in addition to my day to day role I am always working with and collaborating with new teams in the business and learning something new - developing new skills and experiences along the way. Working on change in HMCTS has given me the chance to play a part in providing a new reformed digital service to citizens and having the opportunities to work with colleagues at different levels which helps me to develop and aspire to greater career goals.

Lisa Edwards – Business Support Manager

I work in the Civil Families and Tribunals Programme and am based in Liverpool. I thrive off the fast-paced environment we work in within Change as well as the wide range of people I get to work with daily. Every day is different in HMCTS and there are plenty of opportunities to develop yourself and your career. I find it extremely rewarding to be part of an organisation that is transforming the justice system. I enjoy learning about the array of projects and what is involved in making them a success.

Colin Colas - Project Support Manager

I’m currently on my first posting as a Project Delivery Fast Streamer working as a Project Support Manager in the HMCTS Change Directorate’s Portfolio Delivery Operations (PDO) team. Supporting the Portfolio team across the board has led to me doing a variety of things as part of my role. Primarily, I support the wider PDO team in the management, handling and resolving of programme-level risks, issues and dependencies across the portfolio. I enjoy the ability to see what the latest activities are across the whole range of the programmes, rather than focussing on one or two programmes. I love being able to see the big picture and draw links between one programme’s dependency on another.

There are many things I enjoy about working for HMCTS, but if I was to choose one, it has to be culture. HMCTS has a very friendly, open nature about it, and that undoubtedly stems from the people who sit within HMCTS and contribute to its functioning!