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Inside HMCTS Podcast

Inside HMCTS podcast

The official HM Courts & Tribunals podcast brings you a behind-the-scenes look at the justice system.

You’ll hear from our court staff, service users, judges, lawyers, mediators, researchers and more.

Learn about the challenges they face, the achievements they celebrate, and the insights they share.

This series of conversations will show how each participant plays their part to keep justice going.

You’ll also get a glimpse of the human side of the system, the stories behind the cases, and the values that guide decisions.

Whether you’re interested in the people or the process, this podcast series will give you a deeper understanding of what justice means and how it is delivered.

Listen to the latest episode now, available wherever you get your podcasts from!







Episode 1 - Reducing the heat: what to expect from our online divorce service

Episode 2 - Neurodiversity and remote hearings

Episode 3 - Unveiling justice: Showcasing our courts at public open days

Episode 4 - Accessible Justice: courts and digital services for all