Digital services

Realising the potential for video hearings

Since March 2018, we have been piloting the use of fully video hearings in the tax tribunal, and using this to understand better how we can introduce this more widely as part of a more accessible and efficient service. Our latest blog explores video hearings in more detail.

Video hearings can make a difference for court and tribunal users

Susan Acland-Hood explains that one important part of our overall reform programme to build a more modern, accessible and efficient justice system, is to enable our courts to make greater use of video technology. Susan details that with increasing sophistication in the technology available, we believe it can play an even greater role in the future and in particular, could enable some hearings to take place without the need for a physical courtroom altogether.

Designing a public law service to meet user needs

Emma Petty, Service Manager for the Public Law project provides an update on the project, its aims, and how it will be delivered. Our Public Law project sits in the family jurisdiction and forms part of the wider HMCTS £1bn reform programme. In October 2017, we set out our intention to reform the service around taking a public law case to and through court.

Successful reform roadshows - more dates announced...

Susan Acland-Hood talks about our first three legal professional roadshows and how they were full of ideas, commitment and challenge that discussed the overall reform programme with a particular focus on scheduling and listing practice, flexible operating hours and virtual hearings.